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unleash your shoe game

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Project Saturn Community

Step up your shoe game with the ultimate sneaker community provides exclusive access to the lightning speed monitors, insider tips, and powerful automation with autopilot support to elevate your sneakers hunting

Special Features

Project Saturn increases user success chance by supported community, monitors, and tools to ensuring effortless automation

Supported Sites

Supporting most popular sneakers retailer. Users will never miss another drop information. We are adding sites every step of the way.

Advanced Features

Introducing SaturnAIO - All In One Sneakers Automation Tools fully integrated with Saturn Server, build with powerful engine and autopilot support securing sneakers releases simply in one click. A simple lightweight, and easy to use user interface using Command Line Interface (CLI) with detailed step.

Task Management

Easy multiple task handling with proxies support and built in Captcha Solver.

Advanced Automation

The latest automation module with fully integrated autopilot system

Frequently Asked Question

How much is Project Saturn Membership ?

SaturnAIO costs IDR. 380.000/Monthly
Saturn Monitor Cost IDR 150.000/Monthly

What Operating systems are supported ?

Supported Windows Operating System

What is the different with other cookgroup ?

Project Saturn not only provide community/monitors, but we
also provide software designed with powerful features to
provide maximum support throughout your automated

How to Join Membership ?

You can join by clicking, join button on this
website, we currently support Xendit Payment

Do you offer groupbuys ?

Yes, you can ask for groupbuys information to

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